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Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO of Amcham: ‘Reputation is one of the most important assets of any organisation’.


The first step in managing your reputation is to understand its current state. ‘Reputation is one of the most important assets of any organisation’, sums up Amcham Finland CEO Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson.

Amcham Finland is an international business network whose members are companies operating in various fields in Finland.

According to Pasternak-Jackson, reputation management is very important for an organisation like Amcham:

‘To understand and manage your company’s reputation, you first need to quantify it. For example, we at Amcham have always received a lot of recommendations and nice comments from our members, but real data were missing before we started measuring reputation. It was only when we got the data that we were able to use it as a tool’.

Pasternak-Jackson says that the company’s very first reputation survey gave Amcham practical guidelines for the reputation management work.

Appreciative ratings from partners were significant. However, even more attention was paid to assessments made by other stakeholders.

‘We consistently prioritise the quality of our services and place our members first in decision-making, and it was great to see this reflected in the results. However, particularly interesting evaluations came from those who are not our members. The results and data analytics showed clear areas for development, especially in terms of dialogue and administrative transparency. We need to be more active and open towards these stakeholders. This is a challenge we are happy to meet!’

According to Pasternak-Jackson, reputation management is a continuous process that must be included in everything a company does – and the results will be seen in every aspect of a company’s operations.

‘I admit that I underestimated the importance of reputation before we started managing it. Reputation work has really helped us achieve our goals’.