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What does it take for businesses and organizations to earn the trust of their stakeholders in this new era of moral economy?


Over the past few years, we have seen unprecedented combination of world events – the turmoil caused by the pandemic and the geopolitical tensions bringing new considerations on ethics and challenged our trust towards enterprises and organizations – and the future.
Global Alliance started to look for answers to this question through the Reputation&Trust research data collected in the Nordic countries. In this video, the CEO of T-Media Harri Leinikka, will share his recommendations for leadership and communications, based on the data. This video has been produced for the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management Ethics Month – February 2023.



Harri Leinikka has 25+ years of experience in reputation management, extensive knowledge of sustainability and delivering metrics for enhancing stakeholder trust. Harri is the CEO and founder of T-Media Oy, an evidence-based reputation advisory established in 1997.


Kia Haring, Member of the GA board and Head of Communications, Sustainability, Brand and Marketing at TietoEvry, is responsible for the overall global #EthicsMonth Program. More information on Ethics Month. #EthicsMonth #EthicsMatter