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Nina Ehrnrooth joined Reputation and Trust Analytics as a Senior Advisor


Nina Ehrnrooth, Master of Business, joined Reputation and Trust Analytics as a Senior Advisor on 1 November 2023. Nina, who worked for a long time as the CEO of Partioaitta, strengthens Reputation and Trust Analytic’s competence in developing sustainable business and supports the company’s growth in Sweden.

The group of Reputation and Trust Analytics experts has strengthened with the addition of Nina Ehrnrooth to help our customers and support the conquest of the Swedish market. Before joining Reputation and Trust Analytics, Nina, a merited alpine skier, worked as the CEO of Partioaitta between 2009–2023.

Nina, Master of Business from the Hanken School of Economics, has specialised in developing sustainable business in her work. Nina has a long experience in brand building with the idea of sustainability as a strategic part of all operations.

“Doing good for the society, people and nature has to be at the heart of a business. Profit needs to come from us doing good. When a company takes care of their responsibilities, it makes profit also for their shareholders,” says Nina.

Reputation and Trust Analytics is an internationalising company specialised in strategic reputation research with the goal of supporting organisations to increase trust and the prerequisites for operations. The best known product of the company is the Reputation&Trust research concept which is based on first-class data analytics and is widely used by management teams.

“We need data to get business on the right path. Reputation and Trust Analytic’s research and models are about knowledge based management. The reason why I became interested in Reputation and Trust Analytics, alongside hard data and internationalising business, was that the Development Director Riku Ruokolahti and the CEO Harri Leinikka impressed me as people.”

“It is an honour to get Nina as part of the Reputation and Trust Analytics family. As a long-term CEO of Partioaitta, Nina has a lot to give to both our work community and customers. I also highly value Nina’s international networks and her desire to help our company grow also in Sweden,” says Harri Leinikka, CEO of Reputation and Trust Analytics.


Further information:

Nina Ehrnrooth, Senior Advisor, Reputation and Trust Analytics

Harri Leinikka, CEO, Reputation and Trust Analytics
tel. +358 40 505 5001


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Photographer: Vesa Koivunen